Life Application Study Bible NIV (New International Version)

Recently, my brother just came from NY, USA and bought this Life Application Study Bible NIV (New International Version). I just wonder, why after he went far from here, Indonesia and then bought a bible???? What's so special about this bible??

So, I read the bible, and like the name in smaller font : personal size. Yep, through this bible, the readers can get a lot of information by read it. I already read the outline and it is interesting!!! Many sections available are there except the bible itself (Old Testament and New Testament). Like example this bible gives other additional part such as the timeline between time bible history and the history fact, I think that's AWESOME!! It can broader our thinking about time in bible is not different and far away from the history time. And inside the Old Testament and the New Testament there are also some description, in full description about every words and God's words. It gives more explanation about God's words and the application in our life.

Honestly, it feels forever for me go to church!! I'm sick go to church where people don't come for God. Church become a place where people can show off their richness and for young peole it's where you can search for a boy/girlfriend. Reading this bible makes me better. Since I don't go to church anymore I never read bible. But this bible is different!! It explain about many things... Even there is an index in the back pages, categorized by the theme or problem. So every question I got, I can check on it, and open the pages.

It's so GREAT!! Some question of mine will get answered!! I want to read the bible with all the explanation from the Genesis until Revelation. Hopefully I can do it, finished to read it, understand it, and implemented it, before I died. Very grateful to Jesus Christ who gives me a way to know Him more :)

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