Holding My Breath Away - thesis problem

I have already worked on my thesis in almost one year. And yesterday, after my thesis guidance, I just think that I have to begin my thesis, again from the first point. I just think that a long this time I wasted my time working on thesis for one year but now, I have to work on that oldies thesis from first.

I mean, what is the meaning of my one year time?? Why doesn't it mean anything?? Why I have to work on that thesis from beginning after passed one year?? I feel tired to work on that same topic thesis, again from beginning. Even I have to change my research method :(.

The good point is, finally my thesis got attention, and my thesis weakness is showed to me. I'm very grateful for that. So, I have the real and feeling like a very comprehensive thesis guidance. So, what's needed to be done now? I have to search for more new literature, newer from my bibliographic list now. Strange thing is I hard to find the resource in 2000s publication time. Maybe, I'll look for more resource use other keywords. Also I have to contact my research places, told them, that after one year, I'll change my methods :(.

I'm feel tired, and want to leave that oldies thesis. But I have to work on it. It's the only way for me, to get out from my oldies college. The only way!! Because it’s  the only way for me to get graduate. Leave my major in college, by a trial thesis, and passed it. GOD!!


Crystal Mitchem said...

So, what happened to your thesis? I think getting again all worked up for the thesis wasn’t a bad idea. Just like you said, it can help improve your paper. Maybe you lacked some data for your thesis abstract sample, and only revising it can help you notice it. Anyway, I do hope everything went well with your thesis.

Friska Simanjuntak said...

Hi Crystal, my thesis problem were : have no currrent references and my research informants are very busy, I have no chance to interview them. The problems are solved when I change my research professor and my object research. I change my subject into smaller scope and that's how I survived and graduated hahaha. How about your experience?