Holding My Breath Away - friendship problems

Recently, I get some problems that needed a decision. It's not an easy decision, I think I need more time to examine that. But something inside me said, I have to make decision faster, and practice it right away. First my problem is about friendship. Once upon a time, I made a relationship (friends) with him. From the start point, I knew that he is not a good person. What I mean here that he has some character whom I don't like. Such as, boastful, snobbish, egoistic, and too possessive. I don't know why (again, like Norah Jones' song), we made a friendship even though my intuition said that he is not a good person to be friends with. Then we had fight because his rudeness, and he humiliated me in front of public. I became very mad. Never pick up his calls, never answer his sms, to indicate that I totally angry and don't want to see him anymore!!

Unfortunately, that stupid stubbornness moronic man still can't figure out what's happened and keep trying to contact me! Then he thought that I just angry because only small thing. FYI, I'm a logic person, and don't easy to get angry only for cheesy things. And still he didn't get it!! Moron!! Even I want to delete him from my facebook friends list, but my friends keep saying that's delete him from facebook is too much. So, what am I doing? I just delete his news feed from facebook so that I don't have to see his damned face on facebook anymore. Too bad, that he and me have a lot of common friends where he usually gives comments to our friends, where (again) I have to see that damned face again!!

These things make me dizzy. More additional problem is he and me have one good friend, that maybe she feels trapped between us. Bad thing happened when she had to choose me or him. His ego keep saying that she always chooses me better than him. That bastard!! She chose him, and I already knew and understood her decision, that she chose him not me. The way she ingratiated him, I don't like it. She chose him, because she is afraid to him. I think she is a coward, and that makes me think more about her. Do I need also to evaluate my friendship with her? That's the second problem...

I have made decision, that I don't want to be trapped in that kind of situation anymore, neither for her also. So that I want to leave her, and let her with her new buddy HAHAHA!! Just enjoy that. And my guarantee, as long as he doesn't change (and I believe people don't change), he will insult her someday. Hopefully you both will be lived happily ever after.

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