Dying Because Smoking

Okay, I think it's not necessary for me to explain what's smoking effect. You should have already known the bad effects. The bad thing, the effects are not only for you the smoker (who I don't care, because it's your own choice) but also your family and people nearby where you are smoking (this what I really care).

There was 2 died family member whose they weren't smoking but their father was. They passed away in young age because of lung disease. And recently, one of my family member, a 50 years old women in dying condition because of worst intestine disease. FYI, her husband was a smoker. And one of their sons already died because the lung disease I have told you before.

Maybe you will say, that it was a coincidence. But for me the coincidence is coming from the smoking family history.
I won't forbid you to smoke. Like I said, it is your own choice, it's not my job to judge you. The problem and something you should pay more attention are, careful with your smoking, smoking in places there is not many people, and keep go to doctor for medical check up annually. May God Bless Us

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