Cheap Airflight in Indonesia, inspiring!!!

Cheap airflight in Indonesia is already changed my mind. Before, I always think that going aboard is expensive, even, the fact, I (was) never go outside Java island, the worst, I (was) never go outside West Java HAHAHAHA. But now it's just a history. Finally I go outside Java island, even go abroad to Singapore :).

The story began last year, when me and my friends were in our last year in college. We wanted to spent long months vacation by travelling. In that time, I always aware and read advertising about cheap airflight rate in newspaper. In that time, the promotion offered flying to Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Yogyakarta, and Bali in really cheap rate (round trip fare maybe from about Rp 500.000 / about US$ 55). Awesome right??

Then, we were thinking if the price range was not very different why don't we try to go abroad?? HAHAHA
And yeah, we made it. We booked the tickets for August flight to Johor Bahru and ordered it since May :D.
Really, the cheap airflight fare is changing our destination for vacation right now. After our last vacation to Singapore (through Johor Bahru), we are addicted to go travelling again HAHAHAHA. My next destination is going to Angkor Wat, Cambodia. But there is no direct cheap airflight to there. Maybe I have to go Bangkok (Thailand) or Ho Chi Minh City (Viet Nam) first. Thats why I still watching the airflight fare until now. HAHAHAHA. Hopefully after graduated I can go to Angkor Wat, Cambodia or maybe go all over Southeast Asia (Viet Nam-Cambodia-Laos-Burma-Thailand) and maybe Malaysia. HAHAHA what a big dream :D Still don't know if three of us can go make it together. But, I really want to!!!!

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