My Relationship

Yeah, this is the right topic to talk in February right? HAHAHA. What a coincidence!

Some days before, I had a talk with a new guy, someone that really had a very different thinking and culture with me. That’s why, our discussion run well, honest, and maybe he thought that I am a geek. HAHAHAHA!! Don’t know, don’t care, and don’t sure about his opinion to me :P Okay. At that time we had a lot of discussion topic, and there was the most interesting topic for most people, which is about relationship.

His question, asking me about having a boyfriend made me thinking more deeply about this topic. Recently, 2 months before I had a discussion with other friend about our ideal mate. HAHAHA. But not talking deeply about the relationship itself. That time was different. We were talking about relationship, and he was wondering why I don’t interested in a relationship- By the way, the term of relationship I used here means a love relationship between you and your special mate.

So, I told him that it was a long time-and years though since my first crush. My first crush has a different faith with me so I try to make that crush sinks, and it works. HAHAHAHA. After that, I got other crush person (what unusual terms: P), and easily sink it down because some reasons.  To make a relationship, I think it’s better to start it as a friend first. Since my friendship is not very well, where I always cheated and ‘stabbed’, hard for me to find a great friend, which ones have a good character and can be trusted.  

Trust and others character always become a main problem for me. 

I’m not easily trust somebody and be a really great friend with somebody. I do make friends, easily. But to make great friends, it’s really rare. So, lucky them whose my great friends. HAHAHAHA!
When my friendship is not well yet, I can’t make any relationship. Even marriage!! GOSH!! That thing is really fall behind me. Never think about that, even not interested yet. Yeah, please do recognize I still use the term ‘yet’ here. HAHAHAHA.

So, when my discussion friend, asked my opinion about marriage, I said didn’t know and not interested at marriage-I think I forgot to say the term ‘yet’ at that time. HAHAHAHA.  I told him it was a really far away plan I never thought before. Besides, I had read lot news about marriage. About domestic violence, husbands cheating wives and vice versa, how divorce can ruin everything in your life, how is our Indonesia culture thinking about women position in marriage, and why a lot of Indonesian women satisfied enough to ‘work’ only as housewives.

I think your position as housewives only are tricky. I mean, women don’t have any power anything to be independent without their husband. It seems like your husband giving you live with their money, you don’t work and only living spending your husband money. You don’t have enough bargaining position-this time I use the economic term: P. Unfortunately for them, wives who’s already have children and their husbands are cheating or do domestic violence. Without any skill and no work, how can they live, how can they raise their children, and how ‘care’ people and society opinion about them, the wives and the women as the weak and the wrong position in that broken marriage. WHAT !@#$%

So, the end of our discussion was,
  1. He suggested me to try a relationship, make some moves (hard to do since I am hardly in love and easily to sink it)
  2. Maybe I can join a matchmaking from my parents (what a NO NO suggestion I think)
  3. Try to make some dates, he thought it’s a perfect time for a girl in my age (yeah, maybe, but I’m still not interested yet)
  4. Don’t too hurry thinking about divorce (better we should forgive at first, but if it becomes a habit, yeah, maybe divorce will be a good solution)
  5. Marriage is easy as long as I want to (HA???, I don’t think so)
  6. You can’t marry your girl friends (I think that’s mean, I can’t make friends with my girl friends forever, I do need to find a boyfriend, the potential one, ASAP)
The good point of our conversation at last, I think more about what relationship is-thanks to my discussion friend- Do I need a relationship? Should I do it? How it should be happened? And finally, who my mate will be?? HAHAHAHAHA. What a main problem. Still have no interest to other man-do read, I mean man, yeah, its man, not you the boys who always ‘playing’-playboy. Hahaha let’s pray, hope, and do move when someday I’ll find my man :). Yeah, please do pray for me also. And maybe you can introduce me to someone’s good. HAHAHAHA.

What a day, what a post, what a crazy and wacky me. Good night.

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