JakJazz 2009 has been postponed to 2010

Too bad that one of greatest jazz festivals in Indonesia, JakJazz has been postponed to 2010.Why it can be cancelled? Because of the sponsor withdrawal!!! You can read it more here. We, the jazz lovers always waiting for biggest jazz festivals in Indonesia, such as : JakJazz Festival (it should be the 11th now),  Java Jazz Festival, Jazz Goest to The Campus. It's so sad also, because JakJazz 2009 had invited many musicians abroad,
Dave valentin Triple Play ft Dave Valentin
Bill O’Connell
Richie Flores
Lica Cecato
Valtinho Anastacio
RTM Jazz Orchestra
M-Jazz Trio
Holland (Erasmus Huis):
Pigalle 44 Gypsy Jazz
France (CCF):
Jean My Truong
Curtis King Blues Band
Roberto Ruggeri
Janek Gwizdala Project
Galaxy Big Band
I have got intuition, there's is something unusual in JakJazz 2009, since October. Even in October the publications about JakJazz 2009 is not spread in many media here. I was waiting for the early bird ticket in the early months before the event. That's why I wondered, how come a big event, such as JakJazz that will be held in November don't have any big advertisements everywhere? Strange thing happened, the event schedule got changed, into December 4th-6th 2009. But in late November it was cancelled, be 'postponed' for 2010.

Why there is no many sponsors supported  JakJazz 2009? This event not only about profit sharing but also a appreciation of jazz in Indonesia, the Jazz growth in Indonesia, even it's now should be the 11th JakJazz Festival. Ireng Maulana and all the organizers should be very disappointed about this cancellation. Also we, all the jazz lovers in Indonesia.

Mourning for JakJazz Indonesia 2009

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