Honai Sirbe Launching

Finally! The Day! We just launched our dream : Honai Sirbe Library! After those hardships, we begin our first activity : teach and play with the kids. There were only 5 children presence but we would work hard to invite more children to come. Our first teaching material is about ants! Children listened to story about ants, coloring ants picture, and learn to count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Moreover we also already registered in PT Kantor Pos Indonesia free delivery service on (date) 17 each month. Please do not hesitate to send your books donation to us in :

Taman Baca Honai Sirbe 
Jalan SP3 Lorong Banyuwangi (lorong Klinik Mer-C Amanah) No. 1 Kelurahan Karang Senang, Kec. Kuala Kencana, Kota Timika, Provinsi Papua, Kode pos 99968

Our next challenges are : 
  1. To promote Honai Sirbe Library to Papuan Kids whose living around the library
  2. To promote Honai Sirbe address and location for books donation
  3. Completed our foundation and regulation about Honai Sirbe Library (membership role and rules, open bank account, other policy)
  4. Established organization structure, divisions, and job description (I believe a solid team is not about number, but talking about your genuine heart and priority)
  5. Building good networking with public, or any education institution 
  6. Working for other opportunity to have Honai Sirbe Library branch in other area in Timika or Papua
What makes Honai Sirbe Library different from others?
We believe giving books are not enough for children, we have to engage children to love books.

How to engage children to love books?
Make creative and fun activity from many aspects around the children environment, and connect it to books they read. That's why Teaching Materials Team is very important.

Could I make it happen?
Believe me, I NEVER can do this alone! Never say "I", but "US"! We CAN do this together...

Timika, 22 January 2018


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