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I want to write more about Albert / William Albert Audrey / William Albert Andrew/ William Albert Ardlay. This midnight I read more website who support Albert hihihi. A lot of websites from Spain. I would like to make a comprehend writing about Albert based on my opinion plus from information in the Spain websites. I pretty worried, it just enough only for bookmark the page on the web. Saving the page is not really satisfied enough for me because it's not easy to be read. Maybe in my free time, I will make a little notebook about my prince charming Albert. Once again, later in my free time lol hahaha. That means I have to instal the Adobe Indesign first in my computer. The last one I installed was run out. Don't know why.

Anyway, here more facts about Albert:

Albert is a Scottish, the leading conglomerates, the head of famous family "Audrey". He like nature and animals rather than wealth or honor, his identity is hidden. He is a handsome blonde man in his twenties, unable to know the identity, the hair absorbs the color change sunglasses whisker, and has been disguised (rather the actual looks of the elder.) He like freedom, longing for freedom, always appear like the wind, go away like the wind. No carefree, cheerful and pleasant, refreshing. Combines sensitivity to people sensitive to pain. He is a person who people can count on. He is handy, can do everything from washing dishes to cooking delicious food. A good person, rarely reveal his true feelings to others. We don't know much about him but he is a good person. He was crossing from London to Africa, volunteered to war in Europe. But injured in the train bombings in Italy, and had a memory loss.

Here are some versions of Audrey family tree

Albert parents died when he was very young so that he is very close to his sister Rosemary. Rosemary was very beautiful and has big green eyes like Candy has. Rosemary died because of sick years after Anthony was born. Anthony just kept a memory of him as "a blue-eyed boy who was close to his mother" without knowing for sure its identity or the relationship between them. Audrey family who know William Albert Audrey existence for real are Rosemary, Aunt Elroy, and George-Albert right hand. For others, William Albert Audrey is very mysterious, very busy with the Audrey business, never show up in family parties, rebellious, independent. and eccentric for adopting Candy as a daughter.

Albert did not say why but he always prefer the company of animals than humans, perhaps because they do not have to pretend and really know what it is and also avoid talking about his past and life. He prefer to be eccentric, and own his freedom in the nature and balance. He believes that the greatest human power is to build your own destiny. For anyone who finds Albert in the woods or on the roads maybe think that Albert is a vagabond, a hermit, a stripped and considers him as a criminal, an invader-this's what Neil Legan think before. Albert's smile is very ambiguousness, he prefer to remain silent or not to talk to much when he faces problems. He is thinking and doing it. Suddenly he can appears and the other minute he is disappear. Without waiting for a thank you or saying goodbye, he filled his bag and go away.

He once save a lion who almost killed by gun in Chicago. He is instinctive, territorial, wild, clever, independent, vigorous, strong, flexible and knowledgeable about the natural laws obtaining a mutual identification that leads to a curious relationship of respect and protection. Understand the laws of survival, there are predators and prey, but when a man abuses his hunting skills and leisure breaks the order of life and is involved and acts on behalf of creatures put their lives regardless. What leads him to feel so identified with animals? Hard to say, only that mysterious smile will speak again. It is not always necessary to have all the answers, nor all the memories, there are gaps that need to know to know that you can fill. Candy brought him peace, that's a fact. Being with her was an ideal condition, without having to prove anything, expecting nothing, or at least pretend that his feelings for her do not require a response beyond a nod or a smile. Discard it cost him the day he regained his memory and refused to hear the voices of the ways that they called it. But back to resume his life was not easy and without the quiet support of Candy surely his decision had been shaken a few times. There was so much of it in her, her strength, her tenacity, her rebellion and he understood that lesson preached before George and Aunt Elroy when he said he hoped the people around you not only see what it represents, which also saw the interior. Candy had that gift, she could see through the appearance. I liked and respected by his acts, who he was and not what they seemed or others speculated.

Bukit Tinggi, 30 April 2013.

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Hi! Love to see a fellow Albert fan :). You're great at writing. Do you write Albert x Candy fan fictions? - Reeka-