My First Running Competition

Dear readers,

I've posted before about some my running competitions. But let me write about my very first running experience :D

The my first running 'competition' was happened in my school. I used to love Personal Exercise (PE) whether it's gymastic, running, basket, or swimming. The fun thing about running at school was our running track! I remember my running track in Elementary School passed some of my friends house and we skipped the run several times, took some water or bought snack in warung/food stall nearby hahaha. So it always fun for me.

In high school, girls behavior already changed where they avoided PE because it made us sweat more and your skin darker under the sun. Somehow I didn't think any problems like that and I still love PE like before. I remember that our schedule in junior high school was to run in every first hours of PE class. I enjoyed it, and kept run all the running track. No more skipped running because my friends had no interest in running anymore and I couldn't ask water to her mom if she's not around hahahaha.

I rarely remember but it seems I always be the first girl to finish the running track in junior high school and high school. It didn't mean that I was that fast. It's just I managed my pace well and kept running without stop anywhere. I believe (until now) it's better you run slowly but sure than you running very fast in the beginning and would stop somewhere and then walking after that. That behavior would hurt your feet, knees, and heart.

I've stopped running after graduate from high school since I thought there was no atheltic club in college. I joined several clubs in media matters at college.

Fate said: I met that old fellow running in my very last years at college, at 2009. My campus hold a workshop called as : "5K Human Race Nike Plus Jakarta October 19th 2009". The guests were Nike+ Ambassador: Sigi Wimala, DJ Something, and 2 running athletes. Nike Plus gave us free running practice in Senayan with both 2 running athletes, 2x before the Nike Ruman Race 2009.

I came and joined the program at Senayan by Nike at that time, came to the 5K Jakarta Nike Human Race 2009 and won 3rd place for female category. Unfortunately, the prize was only for first winner where she could join Singapore Nike Human Race sponsored by Nike.

More for Run Jakarta 5K / Jakarta Nike Human Race 2009:!/2011/06/run-friska-run.html

Would share more about running experience in next post :D

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