Anybody Hate Me?

Well, another post about my job circumstances. Please don't be bored reading my blog ya.

So here's what happened...

One of my task in the office is maintain our administration system. I manage how to let all employee could work better, efficiently within all facilities provided by our office. It means paperwork's to be filled up, administration form to do work outside office, travel request, or permission to take taxi voucher. Those are just a little amount of forms I've typed here. In fact we have 26 forms and could be added more by my boss request-ready to assist our employee activities.

Then here is the problem: too many forms, too much writings, and so hurry in time = means disaster and everybody seems allergic to fill up the forms. But hey guys those tasks are exist and that's how our office guidance running. People tried to take it easy but in fact they are complaining behind me and fussed it up. Some people just dislike the forms and took it personally to dislike me too. I just figured it out lately.

Somehow, the ambiance in the workstation was not like last month. There's no laugh, no jokes, no chit chat, no more small conversation with me even though we are in the same workstation. I thought the ambiance different because they had deadline got run for. But after our office karaoke night yesterday-Ibu Ani farewell party (I'll write later about her) one of the employee complained about the forms and how dizzy their head to fill up every form for their activities. WHAM!! A hammer nailed my head!! I never know they are complaining about it and even talked about it behind me. I was really shocked and tried to explain briefly why we must filled out the form. But I think there's no use to explain it before they got their own results for not fill up the forms.

So what do you think could be happened if you not fill up the forms? All the management could be in chaos. If you work overtime and don't fill up the form you would not get your overtime working fee. If you have meeting to meet clients outside the office and don't fill up the form you would be in absence in working. If you don't fill up the form for the transport request, you couldn't use taxi voucher or office car and that means you have to use your own money for job transportation purpose and so on.

So when you hate the system which actually could help you in your own activities, I think it is not appropriate if you dislike me, avoid to have conversation with me. Just face the management, say your complaints to them and not to blame everything to me. My life principle to face people who avoid me oddly, as always: I DON'T GIVE A SHIT! It's your own loss to avoid conversation with me, as if I couldn't life without you. Hell yeah, I still have a lot of friends out there and as long I'm done with my job, that's all right.

So, anybody hate me? Please stand up!

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