Lifehouse Rocks Jakarta December 4th 2010

Actually, my purpose to Arthur Guinness Day only for watching Lifehouse!! This old school band didn't mean to be a bored performance. In reverse, it's AWESOMEEEEEEE..

Before I thought they wouldn't sing a lot of songs because Aurthur Guiness Day also had many other musicians, such as Superman is Dead and Rivermaya. So my pessimistic side said, "Oh well, I just have to be happy with only 3-5 songs" But, lucky me and all for the audiences. Lifehouse was very very satisfied us. All of their hits are sung that nite. And totally totally fun. We sang along together with Lifehouse hits, of course YOU AND ME (Argghhhhh), Hanging, Take Me Away, Broken, and Everything. It was so satisfied for us and Lifehouse also. They seem pretty shocked to see almost everybody can sing along with them. I can't take my eyes from Jason. His smile is so cute and his eyes told us that he was very very happy, proud, amaze, and love to perform here in Jakarta. LOVE U SOOOOOOOO.....

Hopefully they will not forget last night performance, remember all the cheers from audiences, feelin our love there. And will come again to Indonesia some time in the future to perform another magnificent beautiful memories of us. LOVE U LIFEHOUSEEEEE

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