Is There Any Single Syndrome Spread Everywhere?

I chatted with my buddy few days ago. And she discussed with me about single syndrome that's spreading everywhere. Somehow, a lot of our friends published their status in facebook, about marriage, and desperate to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. My friend was little confused about what's happened. Is it a single syndrom? Is it spread to 20s age women? HAHAHA. She also worries to be that kind of desperate women looking for mate.

Then, here is my analysis:
First of all, people (women) in 20s usually already graduated from college
There are no hard activities like a class, learning, papers, and theses. Already got job also, and work well, have an enough salary. For most women, it's enough and it's their time to look for a nice mate for marrying. HAHAHAHA. Their life becomes bored, have not many crazy friends to get some fun with. Life feels pretty empty without any happiness in college. Then they will search other happiness, someone who can adore them, who love them, who want to be married with. So that, mostly women in that age will begin desperate to find any mate HAHAHA.

How to avoid this kind of cycle?? Here madam friska will give you solution.
  1. Never let yourself have a stuck condition, in the a boring circle.
  2. Never let yourself satisfied enough mostly with anything you have achieved in your life. 
  3. You should move forward. 
  4. Looking for other activities except works (mingle in other society, not spend a lot of time only for sleeping at home)
  5. Meet other and new people so that you will have a lively life
  6. Trust me it works
Once upon a time, one of my friends had asked me why I wasn't interested for a relationship. It's so simple, I just answer "NOPE, why should I?" HAHAHA. In my way home, I kept thinking about my friend question. I was thinking why I just so easy to answer that question. Finally I found the answer, it's because I have no much time to think that kind of problem (relationship) HAHAHA.


della said...

eh ada friska! gw link yo blog lo, hohoho! btw, nama blog lo sama kaya blog buat tugas gw masa *toss dulu yuu, ahahaha..

Melody Violine said...

i guess u're rite, gw agak jarang main nih, kerja mulu, kapan2 main yuk

Friska Simanjuntak said...

@ della: iya delll, ini blog gww
Oh sama toh nama blog lohh, ckckckck, kita ada kemiripan selera rupanya HAHAHAHA
@ melo: iya yak... ntar kalo ada acara maen, gw kabarin elo jeng. Work hard Play harder yah buu :D

Melody Violine said...

hahaha, lumayan sih weekend ini agak santai xD