I Love Myself

Almost a week ago, one of my relatives was died. I was thinking again about my cousins, both was dead in last year. Also, recently, I came to an orphanage in Depok area. Those made me thought about my life also. I realize that I love for being alive. I'm grateful for my life to anything happened to me, the goodness or some bad things also. They all are make me grow up, not only in outside but also inside (sounds like a commercial tagline, right?).

I learn many things this year and that makes me grateful that I'm still alive and can be a better me from now on. Yes, I love myself. Because it's hard for me to be in love with other person, so it's easier to begin with "I love myself" HAHAHAHA!!
I love for being me, my character, my thinking, and my principles of life. And so many things I haven't done in this whole world. A lot of duties are waiting for me :D
I love children and that makes me thinking about one of my principles. Before, I was thinking it's OK for me, in the worst situation and condition, and at the end, I will never meet any alive mate. HAHAHA. After I came to orphanage, I realize that I love children a lot; they are rejoicing my life and makes me always smile. Adore them a lot!! Problem is I can't have any children biologically without any mate HAHAHAHA. Maybe I should rethink about this principle. Or maybe, I can adopt a child from orphanage. Another problem, I know the license for a single parent to adopt a child is harder to get.

So, the choices are:
  1. find an alive mate, and married (yikess, never thought I ever write this 'weird' word)
  2. stay be single, and adopt a child, with a complicated process
Meanwhile, because I now love myself, I really want to have fun and try a lot of things I never try before. I want to have fun and enjoy all days for mine.

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