Why Angkor Wat?

Why I really want to see Angkor Wat, in Cambodia? It was last December, I was watching a very tempting channel for travelling, National Geographic Channel. Please beware watched NGC, makes you keep on dreaming HAHAHAHA. The show was about the top 10 most amazing architecture in Asia. And the winner is Angkor Wat. Before watched the show, I was thinking that Angkor Wat is not very different from Borobudur Temple in Java. I was totally wrong!!!

Angkor Wat already reknown by the world and UNESCO as one of the World Heritage. Why?? It's because the architecture is very different, and you never imagine how an Angkor Wat is made!! Like me, I was surprised also. TOTALLY SURPRISED!! So from NGC, I knew that Angkor Wat was made (by ordered King Suryavarman II) in year 1200. King Suryavarman II wanted to make a sanctuary, the most beautiful, biggest, and highest ever in Cambodia. He ordered to make Angkor Wat to protect him after all sins he already made in his life. Through Angkor Wat, he wanted to died in peace and be in heaven. And also, it is believed, that once Angkor Wat wall was covering by gold WOW!! So, Angkor Wat was very sparkling in 1200 I think. Angkor Wat development was magnificent also. Do you know that actually Angkor Wat is floated on the water???

King Suryavarman II hired an architecht, believed he was the one who designed Borobudur Temple also. By King Suryavarman II order, Angkor Wat was made on 12 hectare by people hands, there was no technology like bulldozer at that time! AMAZING!! It was floating, very huge, made by very big stones, covering by gold, and made by human hands... OMG!!! Can you imagine the development, how graceful Angkor Wat in 1200??

After King Suryavarman died, the capital city moved from Angkor Wat area to Angkor Thom, and Thailand attacked Cambodia. Angkor Wat was forgotten, even for 400 years (but how can you forget Angkor Wat??) Angkor Wat was hidden by forest, totally its beautifulness was hidden. Until then, Herni Mooth Out, a france scientist hunted in Angkor Area and find Angkor Wat in about 1960. OMG!!! And now, we can appreciate Angkor Wat, how's magnificent people works in ancient time. And makes me more crazy to come to Angkor Wat soon... Hopefully :D

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