Totally in Love with Babyface

In love in love in love with Babyface!!!!!! Like I told you before that I have already download most of babyface songs. Before, I only heared it with guessed the lyric. Then, in my spare time, I looked for every lyric of the song in the internet by heared it also. And guess what??? OMG!!!! I'm so touched by the lyrics. OMG!! How I just realized it by now??
Okay, here the list, the deepest Babyface song lyrics for me:
  • Nobody Knows It but Me, tells us about your feeling, when you miss somebody a lot without nobody knows
  • Seven Seas, about looking for your mate, go travel seven seas for him/her
  • Good to Be in Love, after fighting and have bad day with your mate, you still realize that you are still in love with him/her
  • I Said I Love You, asked you to believing once again
  • Soon as I Got Home, show a faithfulness to the mate
  • Sunshine, to praise you, as the sunshine of life
  • Fire, pretty 'naughty' song, makes you smile :) hihihi
  • Given a Chance, rejoices me after the bad day
  • How Come How Long, asked us to give attention to others
  • I Care about You, shows your feeling to other, the music is great too
  • If Only in Heaven's Eyes, about faithfulness and life strong in world
  • A Girl like You, looking for the perfect girl 
  • Love Makes Things Happen, you never know..
A lot of other songs that I think have good meaning and give you more confidence about believing and trust :D

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